Trio Elisse

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The Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier employs a hypoallergenic silicone formulation to establish a safeguarding shield amidst your ostomy wafer or base plate and your skin. This barrier serves to shield your skin from the stress induced by frequent detachment of your ostomy device. In instances where stoma output interfaces directly with already sensitive and compromised skin, it has the potential to exacerbate irritation. In this regard, Elisse also functions to safeguard the skin against the corrosive nature of bodily waste.


Wipes usage:

  • Use wipe to remove ostomy bag – Presented in a practical wipe format, Trio Elisse® introduces a seamless option for your stoma care needs. Initiate the process by carefully removing the ostomy bag and ensuring the surrounding area is clean. For residue removal, these wipes are versatile and effective.
  • Trio Elisse® wipes boast a generous size and can retain liquids when squeezed. Once the cleansing is complete, these wipes contribute to a tranquil, safeguarded area, perfectly primed for the application of fresh stoma care essentials.
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