Trio Siltac

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Trio Siltac® introduces a distinctive approach as a soft silicone ostomy seal, setting it apart from hydrocolloid products. Unlike hydrocolloids, it refrains from absorbing moisture or bodily waste, enabling a pristine and hygienic seal for the first time. Moreover, Trio Siltac® seals possess a natural propensity to regain their original shape when stretched. This simplifies the process – just stretch a Trio Siltac® seal around your stoma and shape it for a precise custom fit. When it’s time to remove, Trio Siltac® comes off in one piece, leaving no residue. This means your pouch changing routine can now be faster, more convenient, and cleaner.



  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Regains original shape when stretched
  • No residue on removal
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