Trio Silex

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When additional adhesion and heightened protection against leakage become necessary, the ideal choice is the Trio Silex® soft silicone flange extender. Engineered to ensure that the edges of your base plate remain steadfast without lifting, this product guarantees secure placement. Trio Silex® stands out as one of the most adaptable and dependable ostomy fixation solutions available.



  • Featuring a soft silicone gel adhesive with instant, high-tack properties, Trio Silex® offers a level of freedom in bodily movement that surpasses hydrocolloid alternatives.
  • Ultra-thin profile and flexible design.
  • Compatible with both one and two-piece ostomy appliances, using Trio Silex® to maintain the security of your base plate can translate to extended wear times, elevated comfort, and a sense of reassurance.
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