SUPORTX Breathable Shorts and Briefs

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The SUPORTX Breathable Support Garments are a versatile and advanced solution for individuals requiring moderate abdominal support. Specifically designed for the Australian market and suitable for all genders, these garments are available in Black, White, and beige.

What sets these products apart is their focus on catering to ostomates, offering both hernia and ostomy pouch support, and providing a convenient alternative to traditional abdominal binders. Made with cutting-edge seamless technology, these Level 2 moderate support briefs employ a unique Double Jersey structure, setting them ahead of comparable products that typically use a 2×2 rib construction. The result is a lighter yet highly stable fabric that gives the wearer superior comfort and support.

Whether you’re an ostomate looking for specialised support or someone needing moderate abdominal support, SUPORTX Breathable Support Garments offer a lightweight yet effective option tailored to your needs.

Suportx Ostomy Support Wear and Hernia Support Garments are included in the Stomal Appliance Scheme for those concerned about coverage. You can obtain more information by contacting your local Ostomy Association. If you wish to purchase outside your SAS allowance, orders can be placed directly by phoning 1300 664 027.



  • 85% Polyamide for enhanced durability
  • 15% Elastane for stretch and ease of movement
  • None of the garments contain latex, while silicon is incorporated in the elastic for added flexibility and durability.
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