SUPORTX Hernia Support Girdles

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The Suportx Girdle Range offers an innovative solution for individuals seeking to support their abdominal muscles and prevent or manage hernias. Available in both high and low-waisted brief options, these girdles are designed for both men and women, accommodating various comfort and style preferences.

The upper portion of the girdle is crafted from a soft and luxurious 4-way stretch fabric, featuring mouldable technology that contours seamlessly to your body. This ensures a comfortable fit and provides efficient and even support for the abdominal region. Meanwhile, the lower section employs soft and flexible Microfibre in areas that do not require support, offering enhanced comfort.

Whether you seek to prevent a hernia, support an existing one, or enjoy more robust abdominal support, the Suportx Girdle Range offers a versatile, comfortable, and stylish solution tailored to your needs.



  • Designed for inclusivity, Suportx Hernia Support Girdles come in both extended and short-leg options and are available in white, black, and flesh.
  • The men’s girdles feature a functional Y-front design that delivers uniform support across the abdomen, complete with a discreet fly opening for added convenience.
  • For the ladies, the girdles also offer uniform abdominal support and are accentuated by a soft, silky microfibre in areas without support.
  •  A lace version of the ladies’ garment is also available for those who prefer a touch of elegance.
  • 65% Polyamide for durability
  • 35% Elastane for stretch and comfort
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