SUPORTX Stoma Shield Belt with Easy Peel Fastener

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The Suportx Stoma Shield Belt with Easy Peel Fastener is a revolutionary support belt designed to meet the unique challenges faced by individuals with stomas. Constructed from lightweight yet durable ABS plastic, the Stoma Shield offers unmatched protection, allowing users to navigate daily life with confidence and ease.

What sets this belt apart is its Velcro attachment, which ensures the shield remains securely in place, minimising the shifting risk during movement. Additionally, the Suportx Stoma Shield Belt is highly discreet, assisting in both reducing the visible appearance of stoma appliances and hernias and easing pressure on the Stoma bag—this helps prevent leaks at the seal and aids the stoma function. It is compatible with both one-piece and two-piece Stoma bags and comes in three colours: beige, white, and black, providing options to match various wardrobes.



  • Designed to be worn over a Stoma pouch without affecting natural output
  • Suitable for all-day wear, making it perfect for people involved in a range of activities
  • Crafted from breathable material that encourages airflow, keeping the body cool throughout the day
  • It incorporates anti-roll elastic that holds the garment in its desired position, reducing discomfort associated with a prolapsed stoma
  • 35% Elastane for stretch and comfort
  • 65% Polyamide for durability
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